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Frequently Asked Shipping/Order Questions

Q: Do you ship to International countries?

A: Yes, we ship to all International countries except Malaysia.  Malaysia customers, please contact us for Western Union payments.

Q: Do I receive tracking for my order?

A: We use and an email with tracking information will be sent within 24 hours (or so) of the actual shipping.  Please check your spam folder for this email.  If your email is incorrect in your profile, you obviously will not receive any emais from SVC or  If you did not receive a shipping notification from SVC, you might want to verify this.
Tracking for International orders stops when it leaves the US.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: This is difficult to estimate for both International and US orders.  Often times US orders arrive in 2-10 days depending on the location and International orders can take up to and even longer than 30 days.  We are NOT responsible for lost packages during shipping.

Q: Can you call the USPS and find my package, I think it's lost?

A:  The USPS doesn't offer me anything beyond the tracking information that's available to you.  If you believe your package to be lost, the USPS won't do anything about it until after 21 days in the US.  For US orders, I have never had a package not deliver in 2 years of shipping.  So, please be patient, crazy things happen with the USPS all the time.  Scanned incorrectly, saying it was delivered incorrectly, returning it to SVC for, who know's why...etc 

We have no control of the USPS/package once it leaves our facility and are NOT responsible to replace the order.

International orders that may appear lost cannot file a claim until after 30 days.

Q: I forgot something, can I add it to my order?

A: Unfortunately, this is becoming harder and harder as we grow and has become an "out of control" thing.  While I'd love to help and do this, we have decided that due to the added confusion and additional transaction steps, we can no longer do this.  We try to ship in an effecient and speedy manner for everyone and this was causing delays.

Q:  I placed 2 orders, can you add them and refund the shipping cost for one?

A: Unfortunately, all orders are shipped as ordered and we cannot refund shipping.

Q: I can't change my shipping address?

A:  This can only be done in "My Account" at the top of the page.  As a security measure, we require the shipping and billing address to match.

Q:  The coupon code did not work, can you deduct it?

A: Please contact us with questions prior to completing the transaction as changes cannot be made once it's complete.
The coupon code can only be entered in the "shopping cart" area of the website, if you go directly to the "checkout", you will miss it.
Q: I made a mistake, can I cancel my order?
A: If the order is still in our facility, we can cancel orders at a 10% fee to recover the credit card fees applied at the time of the order.





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