Chubby Bubble/Fruit Vapes

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Chubby Bubble Vapes- Melon
Bubble Melon – Delicious, watermelon Infused bubblegum.   SIZE :  60ML  ..
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Chubby Bubble Vapes- Purp
Bubble Purp – Delicious, grape Infused bubblegum.   SIZE :  60ML   VG: 7..
Chubby Bubble Vapes- Razz
Bubble Razz – Delicious, blue raspberry Infused bubblegum.   SIZE :  60ML   V..
Chubby Bubble Vapes- Strawberry
Bubble Strawberry – Delicious, strawberry Infused Bubblegum.   SIZE :  6..
Chubby Bubble Vapes-Apple
Delicious, green apple infused bubblegum.   SIZE :  60ML   VG: 70VG   PG..
Chubby Fruit Vapes- Blueberry Pear
Blueberry Pear  – A delicious blend of freshly picked blueberries intertwined with the subtle e..
Chubby Fruit Vapes- Kiwi Melon
Kiwi Melon – Sweet, ripe kiwi crossed with the succulent flavor of a fresh melon.    ..
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