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Customer Reviews

Chubby Bubble Vapes- Melon
The first taste is good, but turns harsh. It is not smooth at all. Also, the longer it takes you to use the more it taste like perfume. I still have over a half a bottle left. Will not buy again.
VooDoo Venom- 60ML
It tastes pretty good, but the pineapple kind of over powers the strawberry and orange. However, I will buy this again.
Glazey Days- 60ML
The flavor is amazing but I only got 3mg and it hits really harsh .
Vaporesso Tarot Nano Starter Kit
I went in to the new store on Booth Rd looking to move up in my Vaporizing lol Amanda helped me and upon asking some questions she decided this would be the best choice for me. She was great!!!! This was perfect! The hot is strong but not overwhelming. A great taste of the juice flavor. Very smooth. I case all day and the battery has lasted the longes! All around this by far is my favorite! Also, very easy to reload and change the coil!! Thanks Amanda!!!!
Nessie- 30ml
Great! Taste like a fresh brewed latte. Smooth coffee, cream, a hint of spice (not too strong), touch of coco taste. Great balance. My only gripe is that I wish it came in 18mg. Easily one of my favorites. At local vape shop it was this or yo-duh (which is also great) for all day vape in 12 or greater mg. For something smooth and sweet but not syrupy. This is a great choice. The flavor is smooth as is the hit.
Tropi-Cool- 60ML
This is my all time favorite flavor at the moment and I just can't get enough of it! The flavor isn't over-bearing but it still present and it has a cool finish, which makes it easier for me to vape it at higher wattages.
01/11/2017Zackery Adam Bagley
Moth Man- 30ml
This one is our new favorite!!! Tastes like dessert!! Strong sweet flavors, like banana bread!
Grumpy Old Bastard
Went to Stormy's on Cherry St. in down town Macon, Ga for the first time yesterday afternoon. The gentleman that helped us out was extremely nice and knowledgeable. I have been around the vape scene for a while but never a hard core fan of it cause it is so hard to find a flavor that I like and that don't leave a bad aftertaste a few hours later. This juice is amazing. The flavor, the aroma and smoothness of the vape. I wasn't sure I would like it at first but after the first draw I fell in love with it. I can't put my vape down now. If you haven't tried this liquid, you are missing out.
11/17/2016Jeff G.
Puddin Pie- 60ML
This flavor is just WOW! I wasn't really expecting much since it's a somewhat cheap vapor but I am absolutely in love.
10/14/2016Zackery Bagley
Heisenberg (The Blue)-30ML
Not sure about his one. I I just picked this up and am about half way through a 30ml bottle. It has a very strong candy like flavor which seems to be overwhelming to me. Looking in to getting something else.
Summer Blues-60ML
Joyetech Cubis Replacement Coil 0.5ohm
Good coils great price no issues love the tank they go in.
Moth Man- 30ml
One of the better flavors I've found
01/26/2016Matthew Benson
Northern Lights (555)- 30 ML
An excellent juice. Very smooth ith good throat hit, some kind of nut flavor added to sweet tobacco. Creates a really good all day vape. I found it also to be a great base to create my own custom blends. Very much worth a try.
Infused Mocha Javape-30ML
I recently bought this flavor and it was a spur of a moment buy and I am actually really enjoying the full flavor of it and I would absolutely buy this flavor again and recommend it to anyone who likes coffee flavored juices.
VMD - Vape My Day-30ML
I have had VMD in my daily rotation for around a year. I buy 3-4 bottles at a time. Its a must try liquid
01/12/2015Randal Peacock
Vape My Day- Private Stock-30ml
Without a doubt the best eliquid I've had to date. It's ADDICTIVE
01/12/2015Randal Peacock
A nice watermelon juice, however, I felt the flavor was lacking just a tad. Still good though.
Heisenberg (The Blue)-30ML
Good juice, kind of a fruity menthol flavor, but it turns from a brilliant blue to a dirty green color after a day or so and seems to loose flavor quickly.
Cherry Bomb-30ML
I love this juice. Some say it tastes like cherry medicine. To those people I would say, "shut your mouth." It's delicious.
Thunder Roll (RY4)- 30 ML
This juice is ok, but to me it has a harsh burn in your throat and a not so great after taste. Although it is well worth a try everyone has different opinions :) No matter what flavor you get Stormy's is the place to go for great customer service!!!
Heisenberg (The Blue)-30ML
Good taste...good juice. I have to be in the mood for this one though. It has a great taste.
05/20/2014Sherri Hester
Aspire Vivi Nova-S BDC Glassomizer
I like the way these make your juice taste. What I don't like is the window part I can't see good to fill them up. Other than that these are awesome. They are very sturdy and made very well.
05/20/2014Sherri Hester
Cloud Nine- 30 ML
My all day choice. Alone or as base with other flavors. Really good, smooth with slight sweetness. Highly recommended.
05/10/2014JP H
TNT- Menthol-30ML
Well, I'm going to have to revise my earlier review. Apparently Innevape doesn't make the TNT Black Label Menthol anymore which was my favorite. The new recipe is good, but heavier on the menthol and lighter on the tobacco taste. I'm a little sad because I loved the original. This one, not so much.
04/25/2014Susan Dayton
Kanger Protank-Evod-Unitank-Evod Coils
The service is excellent. Delivered for second time in Greece. However, I would like to mention something very important.After checking randomly 8 KANGER 1.8 ohm coils, they read from 2.1 to 2.6 ohms on my ohm-meter. I had to re-coil them with my own KANTHAL wire.
Aspire Vivi Nova-S BDC Glassomizer
Loving the Aspire BDC. Went from CE5 to the Viv Nova for capacity. It add some weight, but definitely worth it.
Acrylic Dynasty Drip Tips 3
This is the ONLY tip to use if you are running any of the Protank, Mini Protank or Protank 2 series. All other tips have either a little bit of wobble or a LOT of wobble; this one has none. With its narrow throat and perfect-sized mouth, it is the most comfortable tip in your mouth as well. I am so glad I found Stormy's!
03/14/2014Angie McCray
Kanger eGo EVOD 2 Dual Bottom Coil Cartomizer
Just ordered a couple to test and they are great just like my old trusty Evods I have so many of. After test 1 I stuck in a single coil head with cotton and nores wire and threw the dual coil in the junk box, as much vapor and lots better taste with single and cotton. That replaceable drip tip was why I ordered em. To use the old single coil just slap on 2 rubbers and away you go no leaks no sweat. And as I thought the Kanger duals work in my Aspire that I had to use a Kanger coil in because I use thick juice. But like I say as good with a single 2.2 ohm and cotton. Love the tank tho. Awesome fast shipping ordered Sat and here today Monday thanks Stormy you will get more of my biz when I don't want to wait on China! The Evod 2 gets a 5 and Stormy gets a 10. Awesome service. Buy em up if you an Evod & mini Pro fan like me you will love em.
Innokin UCAN Stainless Steel 10ml Juice Dispenser
This is a great idea! Unfortunately the needle is not a large enough gauge for 100% VG juice. This probably works amazingly for thinner juices.
Thunder Roll (RY4)- 30 ML
An excellent RY4 variety. I enjoy how is does not have a candy taste. One of my favorite all day gapes. Well worth a try.
02/04/2014JP H
Infused Mocha Javape-30ML
wanting something other than a sweet vape for a minute, I loaded up a tank with this liquid and haven't stopped vaping it since! At first, it seemed a little bitter. Then slowly a roasty, toasty taste took over! Great coffee liquid!
Thunder Roll (RY4)- 30 ML
This doesn't seem like your typical RY4. It's a light tobacco flavor, no one flavor is overwhelming. Like I said, I taste a light tobacco that is slightly sweet on exhale. I was nervous because I ordered a 30ml & so happy to find that I loved it! I only vape tobacco flavors so I'm very picky. I was a fan of the Indian Summer that I don't see here anymore but this Thunder Roll will do just fine. One of the best things about this flavor is that coworkers can't smell it when I sneak away for a quick vape, I take that into consideration when deciding on an ADV. This one passed and is a must try in my book?
01/23/2014Gina Z.
Thunder Roll (RY4)- 30 ML
Whether you like a cool vape or warm, divine flavors will burst upon your palette and leave you begging for more. Moderately sweet with a fantastic tobacco taste, vanilla and caramel combine with sophisticated complexity difficult to describe. This juice will not disappoint.
01/10/2014Randy Wiggins
SVC Logo Ego Lanyard-NEW COLORS!
simple and does exactly as you would think. makes for easy carrying when im out instead of having to pocket my ecig
Aspire Mini Vivi Nova BDC Cartomizers
I like this unit very much. Gives a good strong hit of flavor.
01/04/2014Amber N
Acrylic Bullet Drip Tips
This is one of the best MOUTH PIECE ever!! THIS IS NOT A DRIP TIP, there is NO FUNNEL, but in all the hundreds of non dripping applications, the aero dynamics improve flavor perception, the mouth feel (for me) are idea, fit everything, (will be loose on real big tanks), but in average good fit overall, I used to grind funneled drip tips into a mouth piece, no more!.... use these exclusively now!!!
12/06/2013DR. JOHN
Infused Mocha Javape-30ML
I love this flavor. It tastes like what a fresh pot of brewed coffee smells like. Great throat hit and wonderful flavor.
12/06/2013Amber N
Aspire Mini Vivi Nova BDC Cartomizers
Love these! I hope you get the aspire bdc mini vivi nova pyrex tanks soon!
Aspire Mini Vivi Nova BDC Cartomizers
This BDC system is fantastic. Best taste and longevity I've found yet!
Kanthal Ready Wires
I'm not new to rebuilding but if I'm in a hurry and need to recoil quick I grab a Ready Wire weather it's my dripper or Genesis these work great thanks SVC for the time saver! these also make excellent micro coils too!
Kanthal Ready Wires
Bingo!! I ordered 1.8 to try and rebuild pro tank coil heads. This was a winner the first time. I used #2 Bastos wick. I coiled the wick using just the center Kanthal. I added a Bastos flavor wick and BANG! Lots of plume and good flavor. My Provari showed ohms @1.7-1.8 bada bing bada boom. I am not an expert at doing this and this just boosted confidence. This works so well that I had to throttle the volts down to 3.2 whereas I normally set it to 3.7. Thanks SVC!
Arctic Blast- 30 ML
Love this stuff! Am pretty new to vaping and struck gold right away. To me it has a good tobacco taste with a menthol hint. I took to it right away and I was a 40 year cigarette smoker before. Been totally off them for 2 weeks now. If you want menthol tobacco taste I think this is the one!
10/12/2013Paul B
Kanthal Ready Wires
These ready wires have made life easier for me. I also want to thank SVC for such fast order processing and shipping. I ordered and received confirmation immediately.... 17 minutes later I had shipping notification with tracking. 2 days later I had my stuff. Awesome!
10/07/2013Jarod R
Ready Wire for Coils- Longer Length
The wires were served there purpose but are not long enough hopefully these new ones do the trick for the Ithaka or Hercules just wished the wire was Kanthal or had the option that would be awesome
TNT- Menthol-30ML
This has become my very favorite menthol and I've tried a lot of them. Most menthols have virtually no tobacco taste. This one has just enough! Love it!
08/23/2013Susan Dayton
Ready Wire for Coils- Longer Length
Great price and quality. Wonderfully convenient! If at all possible I would love for them to be about a half inch longer so I can wrap them around my ithika since it's the only RBA I use them for :-( If that were to be done I'd be forever greatful! I still can make it work and got my ithika rippin at .6 ohms on dual 1.2's
Ready Wire for Coils- Longer Length
The 1.8 ohm coils work great. One improvement should make them easier to work with. You cannot do a 360 turn on the contact points with the nonresistant ends on the ithaka clone. It barely catches and you have to snitch it down for the positive and negative points with only a 1/4 inch length left, if you are doubling up your wicking. Should work better using only one strand of silica wicking with these ready made wires. I suppose the since the negative metal channel the wire makes contact and just catching at the bottom is fine. The main fuss is getting the wire to do a full wrap around for the center positive contact before sliding down the o-ring and screwing in the base. I had to extend the ends of the wire with extra non resistant wire to wrap around the center post a full turn. There is just enough wire for the negative side, but still could not wrap it around with a 360 turn unless I twisted more wire on it. Had to tuck it in with a tweezers and screw down the plastic nut to hold in in place. I wish the leads were longer so it will be easier to work with. Broke the wire fiddling with it trying to make connect the contact points, then the 2nd try I was successful adding more non resistant wire for the center post wrap around. Full turn around then slide down the o-ring to keep the wire in place. I'm using doubled up XC-116 silica. All in all, these ready made wires are great. Will be trying the lower 1.2 & 1.5 ohm strands next.
Ready Wire for Coils- Longer Length
After a very long wait my coil building issues are over. These are the perfect length for the ody and terminator, and are right on as far as the OHMs. I am quite satisfied.
Kanger Protank-Evod-Unitank-Evod Coils
Authentic Kanger coils in the foil blister pack for a great price! Not to mention you can also get the hard to find 1.5 ohm coils here also. Keep up the good work. You just earned a new customer.
Cloud Nine- 30 ML
...and maybe nutmeg? LOVE IT!
Appletini-30 ML
If you like sweet this is great. I started with this and found it too sweet for my taste though. I've changed to tobacco flavor.
Kanger Protank-Evod-Unitank-Evod Coils
I purchased these in 2.2 ohms and they work excellent in my protank,though out of habit I took the two wicks off the top of coil. and it vape performance is AWESOME. I recommends these to anyone..keep up the fantastic work Stormy
06/14/2013Chris Sparks
Cloud Nine- 30 ML
Got this as a random one to try from the Tobacco Collection...I'm very glad I's been a great vape thus far...gets better everyday...a nice smooth taste just wish it had a little more tobacco flavor to it, but not bad at all...not too sweet and leaves the air smelling a little like brown sugar and maybe a hint of vanilla me at least...I will def order it again, plus with Stormy's most outstanding customer service she is among some of the best I've seen along with a small handful of others I use regularly...can't wait to try some of the other in this collection and many of the others too. ;)
Acrylic Dynasty Drip Tips 3
Excellent!! works and looks beautiful, great customer service
Appletini-30 ML
Awesome Flavor, picked this up at vapefest NY under their recommendation along with a terminator c and an additional clear tank and very pleased...
Thunder Roll (RY4)- 30 ML
This is a really good juice. Not overly sweet and certainly not cloying like most RY4s seem to be these days. It's a very refreshing take on an old classic. No single flavor over powers another.
TrustFire TR-001 Li-ion Battery Charger
It charges batteries bro -.-' It feels of better quality plastic than what I've delt with in charger in the past.
Appletini-30 ML
I started with this flavor it great.I really didnt think this would work but its been 9 weeks sine i have smoke and i feel great..Thanks
Appletini-30 ML
This is the flavor I started with and though I like others I Love the Appletini!!
Cloud Nine- 30 ML
This is good. I have made this my daily vape. Good constant flavor, and smooth vapor.
Northern Lights (555)- 30 ML
this is an odd mixture, i cant really explain the flavor other than it has a nut flavor to it, not really a peanut flavor but closer to a tad taste of cashews and a sweet undertone almost a touch buttery I got the 16mg the throat hit is medium with a really decent after taste to it. really good vapor also. no idea what is in this but would like to know. this is a good smooth vape definitely worth a try
Ribbon Drip Tips
LOVE these drip tips! I have several colors! Very comfortable and look sleek! Thanks Stormy! BEST customer service ever!!! :-)
11/22/2012D. Bancroft
Cloud Nine- 30 ML
I am very very picky with eliquid and I mostly vape tobacco flavors. I boldly bought a 30ml of this one. It is a simple, clean perfect tobacco for me. Nothing harsh, good TH and not too sweet. If you enjoy tobacco flavors I recommend giving this one a try!
11/22/2012G. Zalner
I love this syringe, unlike any of my other ones, it has a semi point so it goes through the F1 clearos without pushing the rubber seal down on one side!. I do wish the needle was a 20g so it would go faster on filling high VG. But over all I love this! -KTK8
11/22/2012K. Turner
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